Village Updates, New Worlds and Character Changes

After some issues, we have finally been able to get back to work on MITC and the game is still on track for release later this year.
We have finished with the design of the new village level and not wanting to give away to much we have taken a screenshot of the new village shown below. We have our animator working on a set of models for a level and as soon as these are finished we will be starting a crowdfunding campaign as well as starting the process of getting the game greenlit.
We have managed to integrate a dialogue system into the game to allow the player to now communicate with NPC and enemy characters. We have also added a quest system as we are starting to have to set and implement the storyline in the game. We have also designed 4 new worlds that we will be posting screenshots over time, once we have more definite designs.

Village Screenshot.

What we managed to achieve:
  • More skill tree refinement.
  • Dialogue and quest system implementation.
  • Started new character models for new worlds.
  • Designed a new Village level.
  • Kids Room, NPC Models and Refinements

    It has been a while since our last post, our lead developer got married over the last week, so we have been behind with our posts. For this leg of the development phase we focused heavily on models and art assets for the game rather than actual functionality. This post will, therefore, not be a long one as it takes a while to develop art assets.
    In terms of functionality we refined the skill tree and implemented more skills, as well as, skill dependency. We also started work on the Childs Room Level and another level that will be revealed later on. We also started to work on another idea for the Village Level mentioned in an earlier blog post. Images for this will also be revealed later on in the development phase.

    Childs Room Level.

    NPC Models.

    Refined Model of Child Sleeping.

    These are the models that we have been working on over the last couple of weeks.

    What we managed to achieve:

  • Skill tree refinement.
  • Childs room models.
  • NPC models completed.
  • Designed a mockup of another design for the Village level.
  • NPC Models, Animations and First Map Ideas

    We have been working on the models for the NPC characters for village area in which the player will be able to upgrade and buy items as well as, where the player will obtain quests. We have been trying to work alot on the UI and trying to get the skill tree to work seamlessly with the skill bar. Its turning out to be a bit of a challenge as there are different skills for different weapon types and, therefore, having to maintain cooldowns between changes is proving to be more difficult than expected. However, we are very happy with where we are, we just don't want to release pictures of it just yet as it will give to much away at this stage. We have also, as you may know if you follow us on twitter, been working on the village level design. This is one of many of our designs.

    Village Screenshot.

    There will be more designs to come in the future and we will be uploading images of the NPCs in our next blog post. We just have a few more features on the models to touch up.

    We have also managed to implement the basic attack aniations for the main character as well as tried to get an animated double jump for the character as we plan to add some platforming puzzle areas to the future maps.
    What we managed to achieve:

  • Skill tree and Skill Bar interaction.
  • More abilities implemented.
  • UI designs in testing.
  • Designed a mockup of one of the levels.
  • Attack animations for main character.
  • Partially complete models for NPC characters.
  • First Concept Sketches

    We have been working hard on trying to set everything up for Bilda Games in the last two weeks. Firstly we started work on the logo and website which as you can see we have finished. Then we decided to test out some functionality for our main character in Monsters In The Closet. We implemented a few of the abilities and the skill tree for the character. We are very happy with the results, however, we did have a problem trying to get the abilities to stack when played. This seemed like a simple thing to do, but turns out somewhere there seemed to be a bug where the ability got triggered twice. This was irritating and frustrating as there was no reason that it should have been called twice, however, after a few hours of debugging we managed to fix it and added some security to make sure that if that same issue happens again it won’t affect gameplay, hopefully. We have also received some of the concept sketches for 5 of our NPC characters in the games. We also started to work on the actual attack animations of the character.
    What we managed to achieve over the last week:

  • Skill tree implemented.
  • Some abilities implemented.
  • Basic animations for character implemeted.
  • Concept sketches for NPC characters.
  • Concept Sketches of Village Characters.

    All the characters above are NPC characters, they will be there for the player to interact with and will be the main source of quests and items for the player.